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Science and Technology

The fields of science and technology are often considered to be “geek oriented,” and Pittsburgh has its fair share of famous practitioners and cutting-edge companies in regards to these twin occupations. Jonas Salk was at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, for instance, when he discovered a vaccine for polio, and another Steel City physician—Thomas E. Starzl—is considered to be the modern-day father of organ transplants. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the top facilities for technology and robotics, meanwhile, while the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is likewise on the cutting-edge of its respective field. Then there’s author Chip Walter, who has written numerous tomes with a scientific edge, and the Pittsburgh Technology Center, home to many academic and corporate research facilities—all of which adds up to Pittsburgh being a true city of the Twenty First Century.


Geek Pittsburgh Feature Articles

The Evolution of PodCamp Pittsburgh Event organizer Norman Huelsman discusses how the annual social media “unconference” has been able to reinvent itself over the course of the past eight years.

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge Pittsburgh will be a participant in the third edition of the space exploration-themed hackathon thanks to the efforts of the Steel City non-profit Space Challenges.


Geek Pittsburgh News Blog

Pittsburgh Thinkathon and Civic Hacking Pittsburgh participated in National Day of Civic Hacking with Thinkathon, a hackathon held in conjunction with the city, county and local tech leaders (June 6, 2013).

DATA Awards Recognize Art and Technology The annual awards sponsored by the Art + Technology Initiative is in its sixth year and now allows the general public to vote on the winners (April 29, 2013). 

STEM Careers and Awareness on the Rise Pittsburgh organizations are raising awareness about the growing need for “science, technology, engineering and math” skills in the workforce (April 24, 2013).

Big Data: The New Oil and Gas A consortium of local tech companies have banded together to form Pittsburgh Dataworks and help raise the Steel City’s reputation within the field of Big Data (April 3, 2013).

Steel City Codefest: A Hackathon with a Twist The first Steel City CodeFest was held the weekend of February 22nd, and was geared towards developing apps beneficial to residents (February 27, 2013).

Evolution and The Last Ape Standing Pittsburgh author Chip Walter releases The Last Ape Standing, in which he discusses why Homo sapiens were the only evolutionary species to survive (February 1, 2013).


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