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Doctor Who

In the annals of science fiction television shows, the BBC drama Doctor Who stands alone. Premiering in 1963, for instance, the series ran for an astonishing twenty-six seasons before ending in 1989—the longest in history. Any narrative that contains a time-travelling, humanoid-looking alien that has the ability to regenerate into a different physical form can never truly conclude, however, and Doctor Who was resurrected in 2005, achieving even greater success in the process. The advent of cable channels now enables the reach of Doctor Who to extend across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, where it has reached a cult status that rivals its fanbase in native England. Although no formal fan clubs exist in the same way as many other sci-fi classics, Pittsburgh has a strong contingent of Whovians nonetheless, making the Doctor an influential part of the Steel City as much as anywhere else.


Explorations of Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The First Doctor Exploration of the First Doctor from the original 1963 BBC sci-fi classic, and how he has evolved into the Doctor seen on the contemporary series of the Twenty First Century.

Doctor Who: The Contemporary Doctors Exploration of the various personalities of the Doctor, as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith since the classic BBC series’ revival.


Doctor Who and Pittsburgh

Steel City Fans of Doctor Who Pittsburgh fans of the BBC classic share their thoughts on what makes the series so popular, as well as their opinions on the various portrayals of the time-travelling Doctor.

The Doctor Agrees: Libraries Are Cool Two Pittsburgh area libraries sponsored special events for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who that spotlighted the new roles that libraries play in their communities.

The Pittsburgh TARDIS: Please Recycle The recycling bins that began appearing on street corners around the Steel City in June 2013 have a similar appearance to the blue-box TARDIS from Doctor Who.


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